Broken Links To Photos With Version 1.19

It later turned out that the fix to the broken link issue was to the website upgrade from PHP 4 to PHP 5

Sean said:

1.16 worked perfectly, an excellent little plugin!
Upgraded to 1.18 and ended up with broken links to pictures. Cleared the cache and tried to change the style but to no avail.
Changed back to 1.16 and it all worked fine again.

Russell said:

I released Slickr Flickr 1.19 today with a couple of bug fixes so this might address the issue of the missing photos.

Please let me know the URL of your page, your Flickr ID and specific slickr-flickr command you used and I will try and reproduce the problem with 1.19.

BTW I have had seen some broken links in the last week just trying to view photos directly on Flickr so the problem might not be plugin related – see the recent comments on the How To Use Slickr Flickr Admin Settings page

Sean said

Cheers for getting back so quickly. I have tried 1.19 and have the same problem. To be honest 1.16 works so well on my site I don’t really need to update it.

Here are my details. : Flickr ID 41077589@N08 : slickr-flickr tag=”Webb”

Example Code

slickr-flickr id="41077589@N08" tag="Webb" type="gallery"

At the time of writing this shows three photos which is the same as your URL above and also the same number as I see on your Flickr tag page – a screenshot is below

Photos tagged with Webb


Well, it is working for me with Slickr Flickr Version 1.19 so I don’t think the plugin is broken.

Slickr Flickr gets the photo URLs from Flickr in the same way for 1.16 as it does in the current version. I can think of a few possibilities as why the same gallery works for me but not for you:

  1. You are running an earlier version jQuery 1.3.2 library which is bundled with WordPress 2.9 rather than the latest version 1.4.2 which is bundled with WordPress 3.0 – therefore when you decide to upgrade to WordPress 3.0 the problem may just go away
  2. The clearing of the RSS cache is not working properly – maybe due to non standard naming of tables in your WordPress database – how were you clearing your cache
  3. There is some other issue that causes a JavaScript error on the page – I cannot investigate this unless I can see your page actually not working with the latest version of the software

I appreciate you no doubt have more interesting things to do on a Sunday morning and since it is working with 1.16 you may be happy to leave things as they are.
However, if you do want to try and get to the bottom of the conundrum, then please upgrade to Slickr Flickr 1.19. And, if you were planning on doing this anyway, you may want to upgrade to WordPress 3.0.3 too. Please comment below if you do decide to try 1.19 again. Thanks. Russell


  1. says

    Hi Rob,

    I hope this renders okay- ThickBox is replacing replacing the angular brackets that appear in the title attribute of the anchor

    What Slickr Flickr produces

    <a rel="thickbox[416]" class="thickbox"  href="" title="<a title='Click to see photo on Flickr' href=''>Parrot</a>"><img src="" alt="" title="Parrot" /></a>

    What ThickBox changes it to

    <a rel="thickbox[416]" class="thickbox" href="" title="&lt;a title='Click to see photo on Flickr' href=''&gt;Parrot&lt;/a&gt;"><img src="" alt="" title="Parrot"></a>

    ThickBox is bundled with WordPress so this is not Slickr Flickr code.

    All I can suggest is to try one of the other LightBoxes that allow anchor links in the title.



  2. says

    Thanks Russell –could I trouble you to take a look at that page (linked in my username) and see what’s up? The caption has a funny issue with it now; it looks as though it’s part of a closing tag.

    My code is: [slickr-flickr type="gallery" thumbnail_size="square" size="medium" flickr_link="on" items="21"]

  3. says

    Russell, that was indeed the issue. Updated to PHP 5.x and all is good in 1.19 – thank you very much! Now if only I could figure out how to change the gallery so that there’s some way to let people click thru to the Flickr pages as well… :)

  4. says

    Hi Rob,

    I think you may need to upgrade from PHP 4 to PHP 5 to use the latest version of Slickr Flickr

    WordPress will stop supporting PHP4 with the release of WordPress 3.2 so this is something you will need to do in a few months anyway



    PHP 5 came out initially in July 2004 so it is not exactly bleeding edge technology – When I used PHP 5 features in Slickr Flickr 1.17 I did not realise that there were still a few web servers out there running PHP 4. PHP 5 has been the defacto installation since about 2006 but I guess for older domains running PHP 4 that there has not been any real reason to upgrade. Apologies it took me so long to spot that it was the PHP version that was the issue.

  5. says

    I was experiencing the same problem and it was also resolved for me when I reverted back to 1.16. I couldn’t get any Slickr-Flickr images to work for me in 1.19. I am on the latest WordPress 3.0.x. If you’d like to investigate I can do what I can – for now I will hold on to 1.16!

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