Making a Flickr Gallery or Slideshow With More Than One Tag

Here are the instructions to how to make a gallery or slideshow that uses more than one tag. This is done by using the tagmode attribute. There are two possible options:

  • tagmode=”all” – only selects photos that have all the tags you specify
  • tagmode=”any” – selects photos that have any of the tags you specify

In this example we will use demonstrate the different approaches where we will use two tags, individually and then in combination.

We will display galleries:

  1. with tag1 (e.g. dogs)
  2. with tag2 (e.g. rio)
  3. with tag1 OR tag2 (e.g. tag=”dogs,rio” tagmode=”any”)
  4. with tag1 AND tag2 (e.g. tag=”dogs,rio” tagmode=”all”)

The results look like this:

Photos Tagged with Rio

Photos Tagged with Dogs

Photos Tagged with either Rio or Dogs

This combination using tagmode=”any” gives more photos than the individual sets shown above. In mathematical terms it is the union of the two photo sets. N.B. Also set use_key=’y’ to make this work… a temporary fix.

Photos Tagged with both Rio and Dogs

This combination using tagmode=”all” gives less photos than the individual sets shown above. In mathematical terms it is the intersection of the two photo sets.

Video instructions are below:

To find more videos that help you make the most of Slickr Flickr check out Slickr Flickr Video Tutorials

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  1. says

    Thanks for such a great plugin!
    Multiple tags don’t seem to be working :(

    I’m expecting that 2 photos should be displayed (see – note that both have the tags below)

    Using this shortcode: [slickr-flickr tag="artifacts,bodierailway" tagmode=”all”] – all photos tagged with “artifacts” are being displayed. Am I doing something wrong?

    Here’s the page (for the moment):

    I’ve waited over an hour in case Flickr needed to index, and I’ve used the ‘Clear cache’ button in the plug.

    Any other thoughts?

  2. says

    Hi Peter, You need to elaborate on the problem with the specific example, giving your Flickr URL, and the tags in question, and in what way in does not work. No photos, too many photos?

  3. Peter says

    I have been able to use slickr-flickr with a single tag, it works fine
    [slickr-flickr tagmode="all" tag="tag1" items="15" type="slideshow"]

    For some reason multiple tags do not seem to work
    [slickr-flickr tagmode="all" tag="tag1,tag2" items="15" type="slideshow"]

    Any ideas?

  4. says

    Thanks for this widget and all the explanations on your web site. It is easy to use and the display is really nice.

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