How To Use Slickr Flickr To Create a Slideshow Or Gallery

  • Log in to your Flickr account and tag all the photos you want to display on a particular page of your wordpress site. If your tag is more than one word make sure you place double quotes around the tag e.g "South Africa"
  • Back on your wordpress site put into your post, page or sidebar, the following shortcode but between square brackets: [ and ]
    slickr-flickr tag="South Africa"

Demonstration Slideshow

Demo of a slideshow with my photos from Flickr tagged with “Portes de Soleil”

Misty Mountain

One Horse Open Sleigh

On foot or on ski Through Avoriaz

Les Cornettes

Mini Ski

Watch Out for Hurtling Horse

Not Thinking Of England in March

Neighbouring Chalet

Slickr Flickr Screenshots

Gallery with my photos from Flickr tagged with Slickr Flickr with Lightbox display at the medium size

How to Use The Plugin

The Flickr show is included within a post or a widget using the slickr-flickr short code

For example to show my pictures from Flickr that have been tagged with “bahamas” I would use :

slickr-flickr tag=”bahamas”

The Slickr Flickr Attributes (Parameters) are as follows:

  • id – the Flickr ID of the user – you can get this from
  • group – set to ‘y’ if the Flickr Id belongs to a group rather than a user (default is n)
  • use_key- set to ‘y’ to force the use of the API key (default is n)
  • api key – your Flickr API key – this allows you to fetch up to 50 rather than just 20 photos – but only when searching tagged photos, groups or favorites not for sets or friends
  • search – photos (default), groups, favorites, friends or sets
  • tag – identifies what photos to display – (but is ignored where the search is for friends, groups or favorites)
  • tagmode – set to ‘any’ for fetching photos with different tags – default is ‘all’
  • set – number of the photoset – used when search=sets
  • items – maximum number photos to display in the gallery or slideshow (default is 20)
  • type – gallery, galleria or slideshow (default is gallery)
  • captions – whether captions are on or off (default is on)
  • delay – delay in seconds between each image in the slide show (default is 5)
  • transition – slide transition time in seconds (only available in Slickr Flickr Pro edition)
  • start – number of the starting slide in the slideshow or ‘random’ for a random start (default is 1) – only applies to the slideshow
  • autoplay – on or off (default is on) – only applies to the galleria right now
  • pause – on or off – default is off
  • orientation – landscape or portrait (default is landscape)
  • size – small, medium, m640, large or original (default is “medium” but only use “original” or “medium” for galleries and only use “large” if you actually have large photos on Flickr – over 1024 width typically) -(For the Galleria only you need to set the size of the galleria explicitly when using “original” size photos – e.g galleria_options=”height:600;width:800″
  • width – width of slideshow (only available in Slickr Flickr Pro edition)
  • height – height of slideshow (only available in Slickr Flickr Pro edition)
  • thumbnail_size – square (75x75px), thumbnail (100x75px), small (240x180px) – default is square (only applies to gallery)
  • thumbnail_scale – percentage scaling factor – default is 100 – recommend the range is between 50 and 100 to maintain image quality and performance (only applies to gallery)
  • thumbnail captions – on or off – default is off – adds the photo title as a caption beneath each thumbnail – typically use this when you use larger thumbnails (only applies to gallery)
  • photos_per_row – narrow the gallery to limit the number of photos per row – values would typically be in the range from 2 to 6
  • align – align the slideshow or gallery in the center, to the left or to the right (default is left) – For the Galleria this parameter is ignored as the galleria_options are used to control formatting
  • border – show a border around the slideshow images – on or off (default off)
  • descriptions – on or off (default off) – show the photo description underneath the caption
  • flickr_link – on or off (default off) – make the caption a link back to the photo on Flickr
  • flickr_link_title – text of link to photo on Flickr
  • flickr_link_target – set to “_blank” to show photo on Flickr in a new tab/window
  • link – send the user to another URL when they click on the slideshow
  • attribution – line that can be used to credit the photographer above the slideshow or gallery
  • sort – date, title, or description
  • direction – ascending or descending – used when sorting photos

You can set the parameters on each individual slideshow or set default values using the Admin Settings.


The following are example uses of the different parameters.

Please note that I have added removed the “[” and the “]” around the “slickr-flickr command” otherwise the plugin runs and shows the slideshow and not the code. When you put the code in the your blog posts make sure you include the square brackets.

Gallery of up to 5 of my France photos with popup display at medium size (either width or height around 500px)

slickr-flickr tag="france" items="5" type="gallery"

Gallery of my France photos with popup display at original size.

slickr-flickr tag="france" type="gallery" size="original"

Slideshow of up to 12 my France photos with a delay of 3 seconds between slides displayed at medium size (width around 500px) and without captions

slickr-flickr tag="france" items="12" type="slideshow" captions="off" delay="3"

Slideshow of up to 6 my doggy photos starting randomly which are in portrait format (their width is less than their height) where their size is around 180px by 240px. I would typically use this format for displaying photos in a text widget in a sidebar.

slickr-flickr tag="dogs" items="6" type="slideshow" orientation="portrait" size="small" start="random"

Slideshow of up to 12 photos tagged with Barcelona by Klaus Dolle.

slickr-flickr tag="barcelona" items="12" type="slideshow" id="67057161@N00"

Plugin Restrictions

Slickr Flickr has the following restrictions:

  • Flickr serves photos at standard sizes: square, thumbnail, small, medium, medium 640, large and original. Typically you will use “small” for slideshows in sidebar widgets, “medium” or “m640″ for slideshows in the main content area and either “medium”, “m640″ or “original” for galleries. Slickr Flickr has the limitation of only handling photos at these sizes. However, you can use CSS to resize the photos. The Small Slideshow Tutorial shows how to handle a narrow sidebar.
  • There is a limit of 20 photos per gallery or slideshow if you just specify your Flickr ID, and a limit of 50 per page when you specify your Flickr API key, and the number is unlimited with Slickr Flickr Pro as it makes multiple requests to Flickr in the background to fetch as many photos as you want to display in your slideshow or gallery.

More Slickr Flickr Links

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    Hi Rosdi,

    Click the link on your page in the message “Please verify your settings, clear your RSS cache on the Slickr Flickr Admin page and check your Flickr feed”

    Sometimes Flickr has a delay before publishing the feed, nut it can also be the feed link is wrong.

    If you still have a problem then please post the URL of your Flickr feed

  2. says

    Ace, Ask your hosting company to make sure the connection to is not blocked by a firewall or your PHP security settings. You may be to whitelist or unblock outbound access on port 443. A good hosting company will be able to help you with this

  3. says

    sorry for the left out error message;

    “No photos available right now.”

    “Please verify your settings, clear your RSS cache on the Slickr Flickr Admin page and check your Flickr feed”

  4. says


    I just installed this plugin.

    I have added a tag for images that I want to show in my wordpress from an album in Flickr. It only display: “No photos available right now.”

  5. Ace Takwas says


    Thanks for creating such a useful plugin. However, I have not been able to make use of it since setting it up (I have carefully followed detailed instructions in setting it up). I keep getting the error:

    Error fetching Flickr photos: WP HTTP Error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’

    This is the same error I am getting with all the other plugins I have tried as alternatives. Is there any way in which you could guide me in getting this resolved?


  6. says

    Hi Rod,

    This is probably an issue with running multiple lighboxes which can break all javascript on the page.

    Please post the URL and I can look for javascript errors.



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    The Flickr API now requires you to connect via HTTPS instead of HTTP which is why you are getting the error only now.

    There is a misconfiguration on your PHP setup – it is looking for a cacert.pem file which it cannot find.

    The problem and solution is described on this post

    The solution is to make a small change to your php.ini file. This may be something you can to yourself or you could ask your host to do it for you.



  8. says

    I’ve just installed your plugin and now I’m tring to create my first gallery, but I get this message (as you can see here:

    “Error fetching Flickr photos: WP HTTP Error: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:
    error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed”

    Thanks so much for helping me with this!

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