How To Use Slickr Flickr Admin Settings

How to Set Up The Plugin Defaults

If you don’t want to specify all the settings for every slideshow or gallery you can set up some defaults as follows:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section, and choose “Slickr Flickr”
  2. Enter your Flickr Id (the id of the form 12345678@N00)
  3. Fetch and save your Flickr API Key (required if you want to fetch more than 20 photos)
  4. Enter a Slickr Flickr Pro License Key (required if you want to use bonus features such as fetching more than 50 photos)
  5. You can also change the default settings for
    • the number of photos to show
    • the type of display – gallery, slideshow or gallery/slideshow combo
    • whether photos captions are displayed
    • what the delay in seconds is before the slideshow moves on to the next slide
    • what LightBox you want to use for the gallery

How to Find Your Flickr ID

You can find you Flickr ID as follows:

  1. Log in to Flickr account at
  2. Click the You link to your photostream
  3. Copy the URL in the address bar of your browser
  4. Go To
  5. Paste into the Photstream Address and click Find
  6. Copy the ID that appears below omitting the ID: bit
  7. Paste your Flickr Id in the Slickr Flickr Admin settings
  8. Only if the account is a group and not a user, set the type to Group
  9. Click Save Changes

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  1. says

    The link you supplied above works when clicked.

    What is the link that does not work? Just copy this from your website, or better still provide the URL of the page that has the error.

  2. says

    I am getting the following error:

    Error fetching Flickr photos: A feed could not be found at A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. Use force_feed() if you are certain this URL is a real feed.

    I’m using the tag you show above as a test.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you.


  3. says

    Yes, please update. Slickr FLickr requires at least WordPress 3.0.

    WordPress is now running 3.8.1. Running an old version of WordPress, such as 2.9.2 which is just over 4 years old, exposes you to security risks as well as causing incompatibilities with plugins that use new WordPress features.

  4. says

    Hi Russell, thanks for your reply about using the wordpress admin section add my Flickr ID, when I click on Slickr Flickr in Settings I just get

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /home/mydlp/public_html/admin/wp-content/plugins/slickr-flickr/slickr-flickr-admin.php on line 58

    I am running WordPress 2.9.2 should I update?

  5. says

    Hi Russell, new to flickr and medium knowledge of wordpress. Having trouble following your installation instructions. For example where exactly to paste my Flickr ID, in my WordPress Plugin settings/edit I can see

    Where exactly should it go?

    Also where you sat add “my tag phrase” can you add more than one tag separated by commas?

    Like one of your other queries I could really do with a simple step by step guide, thanks David

  6. says

    Hi Angela,

    I am currently working on a pagination feature to allow you more control of how the access requests are broken down. This will allow the first say 30 photos to be shown, with the user able to navigate in chunks of 30, or whatever you set the ‘chunk’ size to.

    Here are a few policy statements from Yahoo/Flickr which give some guidelines on usage.

    The Usage policy given at is


    Use of the Flickr developer service should not exceed reasonable request volume. Access through YQL is limited to 20,000 signed calls per hour and 2,000 unsigned calls per hour, as defined in the YQL Terms of Use. If you believe your application will exceed such volume, please contact us.

    That was a more General Yahoo policy.

    Another statement from Flickr at is

    Limits: Since the Flickr API is quite easy to use, it’s also quite easy to abuse, which threatens all services relying on the Flickr API. To help prevent this, we limit the access to the API per key. If your application stays under 3600 queries per hour across the whole key (which means the aggregate of all the users of your integration), you’ll be fine. If we detect abuse on your key, we will need to expire the key, or turn it off, in order to preserve the Flickr API functionality for others (including us!). We also track usage on other factors as well to ensure no API user abuses the system

    The above suggests a limit of around 1 access per second

    The Flickr API Terms of Service in clause 1 b iii) at states

    You shall not display more than 30 Flickr user photos per page in your application or use an unreasonable amount of bandwidth.

    Clearly 30 thumbnails is different from 30 full size photos but each is still a separate API call. However, due to caching it is likely that only the first time each page is access (in each 12 hour window) do the API calls take place.

    The caching means that lots of users regularly use more than 30 thumbnails per page without hitting any limit.

    It is therefore likely that the “unreasonable amount of bandwidth” test has been applied to your client.

    Perhaps the combination of uploading 200 photos and then having them accessed immediately might have tipped the limit?

  7. says

    Hi –

    I’ve been using your Pro plugin for years and love it. Recently, a client has uploaded in excess of 200 photos with the tag used for display for her frontpage slideshow. The next day, the site was shutdown temporarily for overusage of CPU by my host. Is that just coincidence? I am trying to determine if there is a “best practice” for the number of photos fetched from flickr for a single slideshow or if it really doesn’t matter. I realize that few people will be able to see all 200 photos on the slideshow, but the client doesn’t want to pick certain photos over others to be on display. She wants them all.

  8. Rick says

    Hey there,

    Thanks for a nice plugin. The description says you can choose to display the photo’s description… I’m only seeing where to show or hide photo captions. Can you direct me to the description area?


  9. says

    Hi Scott,

    You need to deactivate Slickr Flickr and then log in to the membership site and download, upload and activate Slickr Flickr Pro.

    You will then see a Pro Section under Slickr Flickr settings

  10. says

    I just purchased the Pro license (annual) and I can’t find on the WP admin, under the Slickr Flickr Settings, where to enter the Pro license key? Can you please advise where I am to enter the Pro key in WordPress?


  11. says

    I had to delete the spaces from my tags for it to work. It would be nice to have it link to the attachment page first then to flicker (page not image). That way I can handle the discussion on an image by image basis.

  12. Sharvin Whitted says

    Error fetching Flickr photos: WP HTTP Error: couldn’t connect to host

    I’ll check with Godaddy as well

  13. says


    Please try connecting to a different Flickr account as a test: use [slickr-flickr id="61853521@N00" items="5" type="gallery" tag="dogs"]

    This should establish whether the problem lies with your host/firewall or your Flickr account.

  14. Sharvin Whitted says

    actually im getting the same 2 errors still.. i can’t figure out when or what is causing the different error.

  15. Sharvin Whitted says

    I am getting:
    Error fetching Flickr photos: WP HTTP Error: couldn’t connect to host

  16. says

    Two possibilities: could be a server issue at Flickr or maybe a firewall issue at your host.

    To verify which it is: set the number of photos to something low: items=”10″ and see what happens.

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