How To Install The Slickr Flickr Plugin

  1. Download the zip file from
  2. Uncompress the downloaded zip archive in [WordPress install root]/wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress plugins control panel
  4. Go to the “Settings” section, and choose “Slickr Flickr”
  5. Type In your Flickr Id (it should look something like 12345678@N00 and can be obtained from and then click the Save button
  6. To use the plugin in a post, page or text widget use the shortcode slickr-flickr tag="my tag phrase", and include this command within square brackets [your-slickr-command-in-here]¹
  7. If you have no photos in Flickr with this tag then no pictures are displayed.

¹ – I did not show the slickr-flickr command itself in square brackets in the instructions above as it would be automatically translated by WordPress and it would show the gallery or slideshow and not the command.

If you a problem finding or setting up your Flickr Id then check out how to find you Flickr Id

For more on using Slickr Flickr then check out how to create Slickr Flickr Slideshows

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  1. David says

    Can I use slickrflickr as a general replacement of Flickr flash player in other non-Wordpress websites? Thanks!

  2. says

    Hi Jim,

    Yes, I decided that since there is only a single settings page and that generally just need to set up Slickr Flickr once it made more sense to use the sub-menu option Settings >> Slickr Flickr rather than clutter the admin menu with a top level item.

  3. says

    Installed ok, tested ok using shortcode[ slickr-flickr size=”small” type=”slideshow”], but I don’t see the “Slicker Flicker” menu item on my wordpress admin page, the sub menu item “Slicker Flicker” shows up under “Settings”.

  4. says

    Hi David,

    Have you dragged a text widget into the relevant sidebar and add a slickr-flickr command such as:

    [slickr-flickr size="small" type="slideshow"]

  5. says

    Hi, just installed SF, got my Flickr i/d, reduced pix shown to 10, otherwise left everything in default mode. Clicked Saved. And nothing shows up (my Flickr a/c is several years’ old: not new).

    I was expecting my most recent 10 pix in Flickr Photostream to show up in the sidebar of my Posts page. Is there something I should do? Should SF show up on the Widgets page and be installed by me in the sidebar?

    Sorry to be a numpty, but I’m new to all this and not a geek. Any help appreciated. Thanks

  6. says

    I just downloaded the slickr-flickr plugin and activated it in my wp-admin.
    Now I’m stuck, I don’t know where to fill in my flickr user-id.
    I’m not sure how to go to the “settings” section and choose “Slickr Flickr”

    Thank you.

  7. says

    Hi Kimberley,

    What is the URL of the page where you are trying to run a slideshow?

    Or you can sign up for the free video tutorials by completing the form on the Slickr Flickr settings page on your admin site.

  8. says

    Hello – I am new to slickr flickr. I read and followed the instructions for installation. However, I cannot see my photos. I signed into Flickr and tagged a couple of photos, but I still do not see any photos in photos. Do you have a step by step procedure with screen prints that could help me solve the problem. Thanks!

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