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Plugin Description: Displays photos from your Flickr account either as gallery, a galleria, or as an unbranded slideshow in posts, pages, or sidebar widgets. Works with the latest version of WordPress running on this site which is WordPress 4.2.2
Requirements: Requires at least PHP Version 5.2.4
Plugin Author : Russell Jamieson
Download Link : Download Slickr Flickr from
Current Version : 2.5 (Released 28-May-2015)

Plugin Features

  • Displays Flickr photos as a gallery or an unbranded slideshow (i.e not Flickr’s own slideshow widget)
  • Uses “slickr-flickr” shortcode to make adding a Flickr show really easy
  • Can display multiple galleries, multiple gallerias and multiple slideshows on the same page
  • Can display slideshows in sidebar widgets
  • Can display slideshows at medium 640, medium and small Flickr Photo sizes (500px by 375px and 240px by 180 px)
  • Can display slideshows as portrait or landscape
  • Best fits the slideshow if a mix of landscape and portrait photos are used
  • Can display captions for each photo in the slideshow using the photo’s title from Flickr
  • Can alter slideshow settings for each individual slideshow by including attributes after the shortcode (e.g orientation=”portrait”)
  • Uses the Galleria jQuery plugin to display the large photo with thumbnails below
  • Uses the Lightbox jQuery plugin to display each photo in the gallery using an overlaid window
  • Uses the Lightbox Slideshow jQuery plugin to display an automatic slideshow of each photo in the gallery using an overlaid window
  • Integrates with LightBox Plus, ShadowBox, ShutterBox, SlimBox, Highslide, Evolution and WP Pretty Photo plugins as well as the ThickBox lightbox which is bundled with WordPress

Comparison of Slickr Flickr Standard and Slickr Flickr Pro Editions

Slickr Flickr Features Standard Slickr Flickr Slickr Flickr PRO
Galleries with various LightBoxes
Set slideshow size precisely Custom CSS Set Parameters
Set gallery thumbnail highlight color Custom CSS Set Parameters
Failover to RSS on Flickr API failure Manual Automatic
Clear RSS cache Manual Automatic
Maximum number of tagged, group, photoset or favorite photos 50 Unlimited

Comparison of Slickr Flickr Standard and Slickr Flickr Pro Support

Slickr Flickr Support Standard  Slickr Flickr Pro Slickr Flickr
Self Help – FAQ, Issues List and Tutorials
Suggest new features
Get your new features implemented sooner
Personal Support
Private Members Forum

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